2020/21 Funded Projects

Funded YearGrant TypePrinciple InvestigatorFacultyProject TitleFunded Amount
2021/22OER ImplementationSimon LolliotARTSH5P Formative Assessment Learning Activities for OpenStax Psychology (BCcampus H5P OER Grant Match Funding)$10,000.00
2021/22Rapid InnovationLuisa CanutoARTSDeveloping Your Reading Skills in Italian$2,000.00
2021/22Rapid InnovationM. Willis MonroeARTSOnline Pedagogy Resource for Religious Studies$1,940.00
2021/22Rapid InnovationColleen A LairdARTSPandemic Pedagogy: Expanding the classroom community through online scholarly networks$2,000.00
2021/22Rapid InnovationRicky TurgeonPHRMAdapting Clinical Evidence Appraisal Tools for Doctor of Pharmacy Students$1,997.00
2021/22Rapid InnovationMegan DanielsARTSProducing and Integrating Open-Access Resources on Real People in the Past in Introductory Ancient History and Archaeology Courses$1,823.00
2021/22OER ImplementationSiobhán McPheeARTSImmersive, multimodal and interactive modules in Geography courses$24,696.00
2021/22OER ImplementationOral RobinsonARTSA Research Manual for Undergraduates: Step-by-step Guide from Conceptualization to Dissemination$14,994.00
2021/22OER ImplementationPaul PickellFRSTAn interactive online textbook for fostering open pedagogy in geomatics$24,999.00
2021/22OER ImplementationLindsay CuffLFSWriting Place: A Scholarly Communication Open Textbook for Forestry and Land & Food Systems$18,294.00
2021/22Rapid InnovationNeil LeveridgeFRSTEnhancement and Customization of an accessible Communication Strategies Textbook$2,000.00
2021/22OER ImplementationSuzanne CampbellAPSCGlobal Interprofessional Therapeutic Communication Scale - BC (GITCS-BC)- Interactive Open Access Text and Virtual Gaming Simulation OER$24,920.00
2021/22OER ImplementationSteven Barnes / Hagar GoldbergARTSLeveraging digital and cinematic storytelling to enhance integration of multilayered neuroscientific concepts for undergrad students.$25,000.00