Evaluation & Reporting

Ongoing and iterative evaluation will help you to improve OER design and implementation, make informed decisions, consider sustainability factors, and ultimately reach your intended goals.

Getting Started

Project evaluation is not only a required component of the reporting process of OER Fund projects, but it is also an important tool to help you understand what is and isn’t working with your project and which areas need more attention. Creating an project evaluation plan is part of the OER Fund application. When developing your evaluation plan, align each of the impacts/benefits you’ve listed a means for evaluating whether those impacts are being achieved.

The CTLT Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning site has helpful how-to guides for getting started with evaluation.The CTLT Research and Evaluation team is also available for consultation and support and can help you with:

  • Developing an OER project evaluation plan,
  • Identifying the best method(s) to collect evidence,
  • Collecting and analyzing data to determine your project’s impact(s).

Please contact Trish Varao-Sousa (trish.varao-sousa@ubc.ca) for more information.

Project Completion Reports

Successful applicants who have completed their OER Fund project are required to submit a final project report. Please visit the project completion report page for more information about reporting as well as the completion report forms.

OER Fund Evaluation Snapshot

In fall of 2022, an evaluation of the OER Fund was conducted. Read the snapshot report here.