The UBCV OER Fund, established through the UBC Academic Excellence Fund in 2019, aims to support affordable and inclusive access to learning materials through the adoption, adaptation, development, and integration of open educational resources in UBCV credit courses.

OER Fund Principles

The UBC OER Fund is guided by the following principles, developed in consultation with student and faculty leadership at the UBCV campus:

  • Increase the creation, adaptation, adoption, and integration of high-quality OER, including assessment materials, in UBC credit courses.
  • Reduce student costs for learning materials and assessments.
  • Enable instructors to modify, edit, or adapt high-quality OER to fit their unique specifications and goals in order to help provide meaningful, contextualized learning materials for UBC students.
  • Engage with the UBC community to increase awareness of OER.
  • Grow capacity at UBC to support and sustain OER activities.

OER Fund Priorities

During this round of funding, we particularly welcome proposals that focus on the following areas:

  • Projects that have high student impacts including, but not limited to: cost savings, number of students enrolled in courses where the resources are used, and the enhancement of student learning supported by the use of open resources and pedagogies.
  • Implementation of OER into multi-section courses or multiple courses.
  • Development and implementation of open test/quiz/problem banks and other interactive content that can be used for assessment.
  • Support for increasing awareness of OER.
  • Student involvement in the development and/or implementation of the open educational resources.
  • Incorporation and adaptation of existing high quality open educational resources.

Grant Pathways

  • OER Affordability Grants: Large grants of up to $25,000 for UBCV faculty who wish to incorporate OER as required materials into their UBCV credit courses.
  • OER Rapid Rapid Innovation Grants: Small grants of up to $2,000, which are available to the UBCV community for innovative activities that increase OER development, awareness, and capacity building.