2023 OER Fund Fall Consulting Clinics

Are you interested in developing an OER Fund proposal and incorporating open educational resources (OER) into your teaching and learning? This fall, the CTLT will host a number of consulting clinics to provide more information about the OER Fund:

Proposal Development Consultations

The CTLT is offering weekly online drop-in sessions for applicants who are planning on submitting OER Fund and TLEF project proposals. Applicants can register to ‘drop in’ to any of these online sessions to discuss their project ideas and receive feedback and advice on topics such as pedagogical approach, assessment, media development, learning technology integration, OER evaluation, open resource design, open licensure (Creative Commons), accessibility, project scope, and budget development. During these online sessions, consultants from CTLT as well as Faculty-based units, the UBC Library, The Centre for Accessibility and UBC Studios will be available to applicants in on-one-one and small break-out rooms. Applicants can use these sessions to get answers to general questions they have about the TLEF and OER Fund programs, as well as feedback to help them refine their pedagogical approaches, project scope and workplan, budget information, and project evaluation strategies.

OER Fund General Information Session – October 18, 2023

The OER Fund General Information Session will provide information about how the OER Fund can support your OER project and goals. The session will also cover grant criteria and application processes, including tips on writing your proposal, developing your budget, and designing evaluation strategies. Following the information session, educational development, instructional design, and media design support staff will be on-hand to provide one-on-one consultation to applicants who are developing an OER Fund grant proposal.

OER Accessibility Clinics

Do you have specific questions on how to format your OER to be accessible for all learners? Drop-in to an OER Accessibility clinic to chat one on one with specialists about how to design or adapt OER so they are accessible and open to all. Participants should come prepared with a list of questions specific to their projects.