Introducing pathology to undergrad students and public by building a multimedia Open Ed Pressbook for David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC)

Project TitleIntroducing pathology to undergrad students and public by building a multimedia Open Ed Pressbook for David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC)
Principal InvestigatorJonathan Bush
Co-ApplicantsJennifer Kong, Adjunct Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,
Helen Dyck, Research Asst, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,
Zoe Soon, Assoc Professor, Biology, Faculty of Sciences with UBC Okanagan, zoeanne.soon@ubc.
Funding Year2022
Project SummaryThis project will add additional chapters to a multimedia OER pilot project on pathology with the goal of creating the first open pathology multimedia textbook. The resulting OER will be used at UBCV in PATH 304, 375 and 501 as well as at UBCO in BIOL 131, 133, and 232. It will also be able to be utilized as is or adapted for 1st year Science, undergraduate biology/cellular & physiological sciences, and professional health care programs at UBCV.

Currently, there are no open textbooks in pathology, despite pathology being introduced in all undergraduate biology curricula and being a required course in all health care fields. Similarly, a literature search and consultation with the UBC Library did not yield any pathology learning resource akin to our proposal.

Previous funding by both UBC Open Education RIG and BCIT Open Education grant has allowed us to begin to develop and pilot a multimedia Pathology resource.* This Pathology resource contains chapters of multi-media lessons (with assessment pieces) on pathology aimed primarily for undergraduate health science students or professional health students needing a brief review. Each disease is discussed at the level of tissue (histopathology) and organ structure using actual human tissue and organs from the David Hardwick Pathology Learning Centre (DHPLC). Each lesson includes the causes of common signs and symptoms (clinical manifestations), and how different health care professionals collaborate in the patient’s care. Interviews with health care professionals discuss each aspect of the disease from their scope of care. The chapter concludes with a narrative case study to exemplify the patient’s journey with this disease.

Our current proposal aims to add five more chapters to our Pathology resource (pneumonia, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis/angina, acute kidney injury, and liver failure) with an emphasis of students assistants helping determine the appropriate depth of knowledge, create the patient narrative, and making the existing chapters engaging, inclusive and accessible. Combined with a concurrent UBC-O grant*** by ZS, our resource will also have instructor and student resources for teaching and learning.

This Pathology Resource also aims include and make public, the material available the DHPLC, fulfilling its mission statement: “promotes the visual understanding of human diseases” to everyone. Our proposed multi-media resource will be beneficial for instructors who do not have access to human pathology specimens, as an alternative to a field trip or gross anatomy lab, or to highlight the relevancy of their specific field. Instructors can build off this resource and add their own program-specific addendum. For example, a Science One instructor can use the online histopathology video lesson and DHPLC e-slides database, in lieu of a selection of textbook-provided still images: thus giving the students the real-life experience of using a virtual microscope.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount $25,000