Adding closed captions to video lessons on teaching Hindi Grammar

Project TitleAdding closed captions to video lessons on teaching Hindi Grammar
Principal InvestigatorSunil Kumar Bhatt
Funding Year2022
Project SummaryThe project aims to enhance accessibility for students by adding closed captions to OER video lessons that were created with the help of a small TLEF fund “Online resources for teaching Hindi grammar”. The majority of the 68 videos are between 3-5 min. long and they all are posted on YouTube under a Creative Commons license. The main language of the videos is English, but they also have examples in Hindi. Therefore, the captions will also mainly be in English with examples in Hindi, that means that the captions will need to be in two different scripts too. The students and also the broader community that is interested in learning Hindi and have special need will be able to access the content of the videos without hindrance. The reading of the text along with listening will make the information clear and comfortably accessible to the students. Since the captioning will have both English and Hindi in Roman and Devanagari script, the chances of misunderstanding will be minimum.

Due to the material covered in the videos, the auto-generated captions in this area are often inaccurate. While using auto-generated captions can be a strategy for creating an initial starting point for the captioning work, each video will need to be manually captioned in the two different scripts.
Grant type OER Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $1,990