Adapting, Consolidating, and Synthesizing Engineering Communication Resources to Promote Socio- Constructivist Design Processes

Project TitleAdapting, Consolidating, and Synthesizing Engineering Communication Resources to Promote Socio-Constructivist Design Processes
Principal InvestigatorPamela Wolf
Co-ApplicantsJannik Eiknaar, Associate Professor of Teaching, Communication, UBC Okanagan School of Engineering, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Advisor in the School of Engineering
FacultyApplied Science
Funding Year2023
Project SummaryCommunication touches every aspect of engineering; however, students often find themselves lacking clarity in what is expected of them when crafting communication deliverables, losing engagement and reducing their efforts. The challenge is not a lack of materials; students are directed to an array of optional yet costly resources that piece together to aid their learning. Students are being directed to an overwhelming amount of fee-based and open educational resources already exist that teach first principles of different engineering communication genres. However, there is a lack of a consolidated resource that aggregates, aligns, and synthesizes the strengths of these individual open materials into a collection suitable for our cultural context at UBC. With this single resource, it is the project goal that students will be provided with the reference material they need to provide clear guidance and understanding of the first principles of engineering communication. The content of the resource will be complemented with self-guiding exercises and rubrics to help students think critically about their own work. The resource will be designed for second-year technical communication courses within Civil and Environmental engineering at UBC, with the added benefit of being a reference material for other communication courses in future years.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount