Comm 293: Introduction to Financial Accounting

Project TitleComm 293: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Principal InvestigatorRajesh Vijayaraghavan
Co-ApplicantsSunah Cho, Sauder-CTLT Faculty Liaision, CTLT
Rob Peregoodoff, Director, Learning Services, Sauder
Funding Year2022
Project SummaryThis project aims to improve students’ conceptual understanding of foundational accounting principles and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To achieve this objective, we will
develop learning resources — animated tutorial videos, practice problems/quizzes, and cases — for Intro to Financial Accounting, a mandatory second-year BCOM course. The open educational resources created through this project, which will be shared openly through a WordPress site, will support a shift in the focus of instruction from rewarding rote memorization of accounting rules to promoting “big picture,” concept-based learning. The initiative will promote the development of critical thinking and problem- solving skills, laying a foundation for upper year courses. This project will be strategically important to Sauder overall and will help to serve as a showcase and capacity building project for OER within our Faculty.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount $25,000