Creation of OER for Engineering Economics

Project TitleCreation of OER for Engineering Economics
Principal InvestigatorTamara Etmannski
Applied Science
Funding Year2023
Project Summary
The project aims to create open source lecture slides, supporting lecture material and practice question sets, to replace the use of a textbook for the standard elements of an Engineering Economics course. As a requirement for graduation, all engineering students in Canada, including the over 1000 graduating students/year at UBC, must take an Engineering Economics course (as stipulated by the CEAB – Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board). This requirement is based on the need for engineers to be able to apply economic principles in the making of technical engineering decisions, mainly through the evaluation of direct financial costs during design, operation and decommissioning phases of a project. Although every department in engineering is likely to add discipline specific context around these core concepts, fundamentally, every course is teaching the same thing. As such, this project intends to develop engineering-discipline neutral materials that can used as a replacement of a textbook for students. Once developed the material will be piloted in CIVL 403 (the engineering economics course offered by the Department of Civil Engineering), and shared with other engineering economics instructors at UBC as well as with other instructors in Canada through dissemination of the work through the Canadian Engineering Education Association.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount 
$ 24,909