Developing a Python Version of DSCI100: Introduction to Data Science

Project TitleDeveloping a Python Version of DSCI100: Introduction to Data Science
Principal InvestigatorTrevor Campbell
Co-ApplicantsLindsey Heagy, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Joel Ostblom, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Statistics
Funding Year2023
Project SummaryUBC’s introductory data science course, DSCI100, is growing rapidly in popularity. The course is currently offered only in the R programming language. Given the need to serve students from a wide variety of disciplines, we aim to develop a new version of the course that is focused on the Python programming language, which is popular in many disciplines outside of statistics. This will involve the translation, modification, and development of the textbook, Jupyter notebook worksheets, tutorial assignments, lecture slides, and quiz questions to convert them from R into Python. This project focuses on the textbook and Jupyter notebook worksheets, which will be released as open source, freely available resources online.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount $13,900