Holocausts and the Rise of Antisemitism: OER for course use and beyond

Project TitleHolocausts and the Rise of Antisemitism: OER for course use and beyond
Principal InvestigatorBozena Karwowska
Co-ApplicantsDasha Prykhodko, Lecturer, CENES, Faculty of Arts
Nina Weng, student, Major in History and Geography
Funding Year2023
Project SummaryA growing interest in Holocaust and Genocide Studies translates at UBC into numerous students in courses on the subject, and the inclusion of related topics in other classes. With the considerable cost of textbooks, students looking for cheaper material often use material of dubious academic value. This project addresses the need to provide students with academically superb open access material and the tools to critically evaluate material openly available.

Academic cooperation between UBC and Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum has resulted in two academic books (primarily for the camp section) available through the UBC library cIRcle: Auschwitz : History, Place and People : An Academic Guide to the Camp Complex and The More I Know, The Less I Understand. There is also high quality academic material on the open website: https://auschwitzacademicguide.arts.ubc.ca.

Two thematic sections of CENS 303 are being expanded into two new UBC courses, creating a need to review and revise the available OER, integrate it into the respective courses, and create new modules and OER material for the ghetto section. Aiming at preventing antisemitism, this OER can also be used in other courses and beyond academia.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount