OER Project Evaluation Workshop – Sept 22

Are you working on an OER Fund project or developing and incorporating open educational resources (OER) into your teaching and learning? Have you considered how you will evaluate if your OER project goals have been met? Join us for an OER Evaluation Workshop facilitated by members of CTLT’s Research and Evaluation Team on September 22 at 10:30am-Noon via Zoom. This workshop will offer guidance in developing an evaluation framework and provide an overview of commonly used data collection methods (e.g., surveys, focus groups and interviews) for OER projects. It will introduce useful evaluation frameworks, identify strategies, discuss opportunities and cover such questions as:

  • What are appropriate goals for evaluation and what approaches can achieve these goals?
  • What claims can be made regarding the success of a project and what evidence could back these claims up?

Please visit the CTLT Events site for more information and registration.