Open Educational Resources for Health Care Social Workers- A Renewable Assignment in SOWK 551

Project TitleOpen Educational Resources for Health Care Social Workers- A Renewable Assignment in SOWK 551
Principal InvestigatorKelly Allison
Co-ApplicantsJaclyn Sauer, Adjunct Professor
Theresa Robitaille, Adjunct Professor,
Funding Year2021
Project Summary
Health care social workers are increasingly being asked to make clinical decisions and offer interventions that are evidence-based and informed by literature. Consequently, social work students need to be able to engage with research that is embedded within practice. To support the development of these skills and to strengthen the connection between student learning and the practice of health care social work, this project aims to have MSW students create a repository of open educational resources that can be used by other students and health care social workers. This project involves 1) the development and delivery of a renewable assignment in SOWK 551 and 2) the creation of a website repository to house the outputs of those assignments. Funding from the Rapid Innovation Fund is for the second part of this project. Instructors from two sections of SOWK 551 have designed a renewable assignment in their courses for the 2021/2022 academic year. Students will be asked to write a literature review on a topic relevant to healthcare social work and have the opportunity to publish it as an open educational resource. This assignment will allow students to become producers of knowledge, contribute to the education of future students, and contribute to the field of health care social work by creating material that can be reused, remixed, revised, retained, and redistributed by others. These OER’s will be used by future students to learn about specific topics related to health care social work and used as the basis for classroom or practicum projects (i.e., developing best practice guidelines, support group curriculums, creating information material for patients/family etc.). Community health care social workers can also use these literature reviews in their practice in similar ways. This assignment is an academic-practice partnerships where community health care social workers (from a wide array of practice contexts in VCH and PHSA) have identified topics/areas of research that are relevant to practice. Over twenty health authority social workers have submitted topic ideas and committed to a brief consultation with students to provide context for their topic idea if chosen. The website repository to house and make discoverable the outputs of these assignments will need to be a professional looking space for ease of community engagement. A CMS WordPress website will be user friendly and capable of sorting literature reviews by topics and themes. Searchability will also be a benefit of this repository website. This project will allow student to develop a repository of literature reviews on specific topics relevant to health care social work practice, be exposed to the breadth of areas of practice for health care social work and strengthen their understanding of how research is related to practice. By publishing their work in the open, our aim is to increase their motivation for learning by creating an opportunity to join a health care delivery discourse that is increasingly data-driven and focused on effective practice and quality of care for patients.
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $2,000

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